Microfilm Scanning Price and Microfiche Scanning Cost

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If you are looking for microfilm scanning or scanning microfiche cards at a very low price, the timing could not be better. The cost associated with the conversion of microfiche and microfilm records is now less expensive, and Generation Imaging is the forerunner to make digital images at wholesale prices This means that all the cost savings associated with all of our microfilm scanning and microfiche scanning will be passed on to you. Your microfilm and your microfiche projects that have been hindered by cost can now be realized at a very low price. And if you are a reseller, you already understand that your profit line will sky rocket. Instead of been affected by the economy, it is even easier for you to profit more than ever have before.

Not all business have been able to adjust to the economy. Some companies were forced to increase the price of their services to cope with the economy. The changes have not all been easy to make. Some changes that result in favor of consumer satisfaction often end up helping all parties. Microfilm scanning and microfiche scanning, in addition to document conversion, is no different. Take care of your microfilm conversion now and save a lot of money at the same time. Speedy delivery of quality work at the lowest possible fees is what we can do for your microfilm scanning project.

Generation Imaging is pleased to inform you that during this summer for a limited time we will be providing additional discounted prices for microfilm conversion and microfiche scanning.

For example, qualified 16mm microfilm scanning projects can be performed for as low as $0.0075 per image. We have similiar savings for other types of film such as 35mm roll film, 16mm jacketed fiche, COM fiche, and step-and-repeat cards.

Generation Imaging has a nice low minimum fee for very small projects for researchers, , and resellers that only have a handful of microfilm reels or one batch of microfiche.

Please check out Generation Imaging summer sales coupon, and send us your quote. Even if you may not require a microfiche or microfilm scanning quote right now, you can take rain check.

Also, if you even have any questions or need some help with landing a project, we can always assist you. Even if you have your own scanning capabilities, it doesn’t hurt to subcontract to us to beat a deadline or save on labor costs. If you are currently using another vendor, all we ask for is an opportunity to provide our services.

We look forward to partnering with you with various services such as:

  • microfilm scanning
  • microfiche scanning
  • aperture card scanning
  • microfilming
  • archive writing
  • document scanning
  • high volume color slides
  • data entry and indexing
  • image processing (PDF, , high quality OCR conversions)
  • Paper blowbacks (printing)
  • barcode extraction