Convert Microfilm to Digital Images: Military Records

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microfilm scanning
A 16mm roll film

Military records for public search can be available for you today. Did you know public archives contain historical records that can help you find valuable information concerning your past? The National Archives system has plenty of historical information on previous military activities we well. If you are interested in finding information about you or someone you know, you can research some of these archive systems or contact us for more information.

If you find historical records in the system, you can request a copy of the records for yourself. There is an enormous amount of military records kept on microfilm rolls. After you purchase the microfilm copy from the government agency, library, or independent company, we can transfer your military records to a digital image by scanning the microfilm. An advantage of microfilm scanning is that you can then store the images on a computer to find information and print records. It can be many times easier to read information from a digital image than from a microfilm roll.

After the information on microfilm is digitized, we can also OCR the images for you. OCR means Object Character Recognition. OCR will allow you to search for some specific information that is on the┬ámilitary┬árecords by using the search option that is available on all free PDF viewers. You may be looking for one specific name within a document that contains hundreds of other names, either way an OCR’ed PDF document allows to do a search to find the name you want.

Generation Imaging specializes in digitizing 16mm microfilm and 35mm microfilm. Many military records that you can get on roll film can be scanned and converted to digital format, like TIFF, PDF, or JPEG. We are geared up to perform this method for you. If you have military records or any other type of or information kept on any type of microfilm, contact us for a . We can your military records and OCR the images using state of the art equipment. Let us know if we can help you locate the records you are interested in.

You may be interested in one or more of the records stored in the archive system. You may be interested in locating information about an event you participated in and we may be able to assist you in the process. Send us the roll film and we will create a final product on a CD, DVD, or FTP. You can then store the historical information on your computer, make copies, e-mail the images, use them for a court case, print a book, or whatever you’d like.