Microfiche/Microfilm Scanning Services

We convert the following types of microfilm, microfilm, aperture cards, and slides:

16mm Microfilm and 35mm Microfilm Scanning

Roll film contains sequential frame pages. The most common type is one strip of frames (simplex film). Duplex film is when two sides of a document were placed side-by-side. We convert 16mm roll film (¾ of an inch wide) and 35mm roll film (1 ½ inches wide). 16mm microfilm can be 100-feet or 215-feet long. 35mm microfilm are 100-foot rolls.

Microfilm looks like small version of movie reels. They generally are spooled in plastic reels. However, there is an alternative roll called ANSI cartridges. They are 16mm roll film inside a hard plastic square cartridge.

Microfiche Scanning

Microfiche is a flat sheet of plastic film with small documents on them. The standard size is 105mm x 148mm (4 inches x 6 inches). There are many different types of microfiche.

Jacket microfiche have sleeves that hold strips of 16mm and/or 35mm rollfilm. A title bar area at the top of the jacket may have a title. COM microfiche (Computer Output Microfilm) are 105mm x 148mm plastic sheets which have frames in a grid and are generated by computers. COM fiche have a higher reduction ratio than jackets and thus a full card may contain 208-270 frames. Step-and-repeat microfiche are also created in a grid, but not all documents may be the same size- these are usually manuals or books.

Aperture Card Scanning

Aperture cards look like IBM-punch cards, but have a rectangle cut where a single 35mm microfilm frame has been mounted (sometimes strips of images, not just one drawing). If the aperture cards contain Hollerith code in the form of hole punches, we could attempt to read them automatically and name the image files based on the code.

Color Slide Scanning

There are many different types of Kodak slides or film strips. We can scan 126 Instamatic format. A 126 filmstrip contains four 28mm x 28mm frames. 126 film is 35mm wide. 126 film comes in cartridges. A 126 slide inside a 2″ x 2″ mount has a viewable area of 26.5mm x 26.5mm. We can create color jpegs of your old slides.